Couple Gets Matching Wedding Date Tattoos… Then Has To Postpone Their Wedding!

A couple in Ireland were excited for their upcoming wedding; so much so that they got their wedding date- October 16 2020- tattooed on their arms. Then, the pandemic hit and they realized they had to postpone the wedding. “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!” says the bride. They eventually settled on a new date…


A 13-Year Old Graduates College With FOUR Associate Degrees!

A 13-year-old boy has become the youngest person to ever graduate from a California college after earning four associate’s degrees in two years. Jack Rico enrolled at Fullerton College at age 11. Fullerton College said the teenager is the youngest-ever graduate from the school. Rico is now headed to the University of Nevada on a…


“Tequila Fairy” Aims To Lift The Spirits Of The Unemployed

One man in Kansas is using tequila to lift the spirits of those who have lost their jobs in the hospitality industry during the outbreak. Bryce Lob has become known as the “tequila fairy” after he began to use his company to drop off tequila bottles with handwritten notes on the doorsteps of the unemployed.…


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