Fight Club: Senior Style

Three employees at a senior living home in North Carolina are facing charges for encouraging two residents to fight each other.  Both residents are in their 70s, and now one of them is suing (JournalNow)


Can You Cause A Stir With Your Flatulence?

You have epic fart power when it lands you in court! There’s a 35-year-old guy named James Mallett from Kingswood, England.  And back in November, he was drunk and taking an Uber to a club . . . when he passed gas. The driver told him to get out, and when he did, James started…


MUST SEE VIDEO: Damn Nature You Scary Cougar-style

AMAZING! This guy posted video of him being stalked by a cougar while he was on a mountain jog.  You can clearly hear how close it got to him, and the few times it kicked up gravel and pounced in his direction.  Luckily for him, the cougar retreats after six heart-pounding minutes.  (He stays calm, keeps walking,…